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Democracy Day: Let’s Get Ready To Remove Bad Leaders In Nigeria -Fadojoe


Jun 17, 2024

The leader of Rescue Movement for New Nigeria aka Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative Comrade Faduri Oluwadare Joseph popularly known as Fadojoe has called on Nigerians to brace and start getting ready to take advantage of the next election seasons to vote out bad leaders in Nigeria, so we can truly enjoy the dividends of democracy.

This he said during his live broadcast on Rescue TV an online television platform for Rescue Movement for New Nigeria on Wednesday June 12, 2024 in commemoration of Democracy Day.

Tracing the foundation of Nigeria democracy he stressed that, “31 years ago, Nigeria had the freest and fairest election, but it was annulled by the then General Ibrahim Babangida with reasons not genuine enough for the annulment. We had M.K.O. Abiola then, the presumed winner of June 12, 1993 election. But Nigerians went into rampage, and since 1993 June 12 till today, Nigeria has not remained the same.

“The person of M.K.O. Abiola brought hope to Nigeria then.
For the very first time, Nigerians both from the north and south were united to elect a man they believed can perform and that they believed so much in, that everyone was posed to make MKO Abiola the president of Nigeria then.

“Though Babangida had wanted to cling to power after the annulment of June 12 election, but when he noticed that he could no longer hold to power due to the agitation, he had to “step aside” handing over to an interim government headed by Chief Ernest Sonekan then. But General Abacha through a palace coup removed Sonekan from office within few weeks, so that the military junta regime could continue to hold on to power”.

The activist however, added that despite all that the military did to keep holding on to power, the resilience of Nigerians prevailed as democracy was enthroned on 29th May, 1999. “But from 1999 that the military handed over to a democratically elected government, the same military people, have also been up and down on our ballot papers even after transformation to democracy. However, our democracy has continued uninterrupted till today. And today we are celebrating another democracy day.

“Though many military leaders don’t want to acknowledge that what gave birth to democracy today is as a result of June 12. But General Buhari did the utmost thing that any leader will do, by making June 12 the democracy day and that’s what we are celebrating today. Kudos to him for that.”

Speaking about the present situation of Nigeria the USA based certified nurse and politician is sympathetic with Nigerians that “the poor can no longer breath in our dear nation. Some time ago, the poor could buy pepper, tomato meat and make good soup. But today in our nation the poor can no longer afford pepper, tomato, meat etc to cook a pot of soup and can no longer afford beans, rice or gari to have manageable meal. And three square meal has become the exclusive right of only the rich in Nigeria, as an average Nigerian now go on 1:0:1 or 0:1:0 in a country that was once flowing with milk and honey and that the natural resources are still available.

“A country where Nigerians could go to farm even at night before now, has become a country where farmers cannot go to farm even in broad daylight due to insecurity. And citizens are already suffering the consequences of farmers not been able to farm like before, as the cost of even most common food items is skyrocketing daily and have gone far above what an average Nigerian man can afford to manageably feed his family.

“Don’t get me wrong, democracy is still remains the best form of government anywhere in the world. It’s a government of the people, by the people and for the people. A government where we can express ourselves, challenge the government and where any president can still not stay beyond 8 years for now. Though under democracy it may seem as if we are not moving fast and it may appear as if everything is stagnant, but there is no form of government as good as democracy.

“In fact, if we are determined to exercise our constitutional power, we can remove bad leaders after four years, but under a military regime this is not the case, as they rule by decree, take away your right to speak and can hold on to power for many years, as we have some cases in some African countries where Head of State held on to power for over 30 years and even in Nigeria where the like of Gowon and Babangida held to power until they were tactically removed”.

He reminded Nigerians that many people must come to the realization seeing the way things are done in the country. How this administration in just one year has made millions of Nigerians poorer than before. How many companies are quiting and leaving Nigeria for neighbouring African countries. People are losing job by the day. And Nigeria now being one of the worst when it comes to number of unemployment in Africa.

“Therefore I am calling on all Nigerians from the east, north, south and west, that our work has just started. We must begin to put ourselves together, mobilize and getting ready ahead of the next election to change none performing leaders in our country both the executive and legislative and at every level. We can do it and make a case for a nation that has everything, but lack everything. A nation that has abundant of crude oil, but suffering for fuel. A nation that has food but begging for food. A nation with water but begging for water. A nation with good weather but begging for favourable atmosphere. That is how bad it is.

“It’s over one year that subsidy has been removed and life is becoming so unbearable for an average Nigerian yet this government has not been able to increase the minimum wage to alleviate the unbearable suffering of the civil servants. Though the demand of the organized labour may not be realistic for now, but about N100,000 or at least N80,000 as minimum wage is not too bad.

“But in all of these we must still celebrate democracy and commemorate those who fought for democracy especially those who lost their lives. People like late M.K.O Abiola, late Kudirat Abiola, people from the east, north, south and west. Even the present president of Nigeria, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu also fought for democracy. We must give them kudos where they did well.

“But the question now is, if they are doing their best now to make people feel the impact of democracy. We know that the answer is NO! But the politicians we have today have forgotten that people died for the democracy they are benefiting from today. They should see that they are not the only people enjoying democracy today, asking Nigerians to be patience while they are living extravagant wasteful life”.

Laying specific emphasis on the need to be involved in the democratic processes having watched, observed and realized how the nation is crashing and the economy crumbling that food is now going beyond the reach of an average Nigerian, “It’s quite unfortunate that in a nation of over 200 million population, only less than 29% are involved in election and that is why we have what we have today. People always say “I am not involved in election because all politicians are the same.” The fact is when you don’t vote you give the wrong people more opportunities, you allow people that are not supposed to be in government to impose themselves and when they are in government we all suffer it. So instead of us to continue to suffer in our nation, we must improve in terms of the number of those participating in elections, especially the younger generation.

“If you are not voting you are part of the problems of this country. You are part of those who allow the wrong leaders impose themselves on the country. Those who are not voting have no moral right to complain when things are not going on well. We must be well involved and that is how we can change our nation.

“We must elect leaders who will represent us well from president, to lawmakers, to governors, to governors, to House of Assembly to even Councilors. Those who will work and not those who will just give out peanuts during election and end up not doing well.

“In 2023 we made an attempt and we almost took power from this bourgeoisie and that was a good attempt. We can still do it, let’s keep it up. Don’t be discouraged.

“I am Comrade Faduri Oluwadare Joseph aka Fadojoe, the leader of Rescue Movement for New Nigeria. I still believe in new Nigeria and I still believe that one day we will rescue our dear country. Happy democracy day to all my fellow Nigerians both home and abroad”, he concluded.

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