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LG Unveils World One Body Washing Machine In Nigeria  


Jun 26, 2024

LG has launched LG Wash Tower, one its newest form of laundry products, General Manager, Home Appliances, LG Electronics, Mr. Brian Kang, said the launch is a clear demonstration of its belief and confidence in the Nigerian market.

He said the launch was also to improve the quality of lives of Nigerians through introducing latest and innovative technological products, adding that the Wash Tower is a perfect fit for the Nigerian market.

He said, “Unlike competing stacked washers and dryers, LG’s WashTower is designed from the ground up combined as a “one body” solution.
“At the beginning of the wash cycle, the integrated unit indicates how long it will take to complete both washing and drying.
“The washer also shares information with the dryer, which automatically sets the optimal course and preheats the drum, contributing to better results and shorter overall laundry times,” he added.

In his welcome address, Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, Nigeria, Mr. Hari Elluru said, “The innovative, yet practical LG WashTower takes the user experience and laundry results to the next level with a brand-new concept of integrated washer and dryer laundry solution.
“Equipped with the company’s advanced laundry technology and boasting a space-friendly design, I believe the LG WashTower will elevate Nigerians’ laundry experience at home to new heights.
“While the new WashTower improves the performance in energy efficiency, the core functions also help users reduce efforts in treating their laundry, he said.
“With the height of LG WashTower approximately 87 millimetres lower than the average combined height of stackable units, loading and unloading the top-mounted dryer is measurably easier,” he added.
On his part, the General Manager, Home Appliances, LG Electronics, Oktai Kim, said the WashTower doesn’t scrimp on capacity, with a maximum load of 13 kilograms for the washer and 10 kilograms for the dryer.
“We are excited to bring the LG WashTower to Nigeria; it is the epitome of modern design, seamlessly blending a modern aesthetic with innovation,” he noted.
“The WashTower is a one-of-a-kind washing machine and dryer set that combines the latest technologies to ensure that users save both energy and water.
l drying clothes at a lower temperature.
Integrated Single Body with Sleek DesignThe all-in-one laundry solution also boasts a flat, unibody design that provides an optimal laundry experience and brings a subtle, minimalist aesthetic to one’s home.
Matching outstanding performance with sophisticated style, LG WashTower is a perfect fit for most spaces and decorating styles.
The LG WashTower also features black tinted-glass doors, decorative chrome elements and Black Steel finish for excellent durability with high resistance to scratching.
It can integrate seamlessly with any type of décor or interior style, helping consumers to create a home environment that perfectly reflects their individual tastes.

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