Makinde’s Aide, Sodo Debunks Sacking Of Workers

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Comrade Bayo Titilola Sodo, the Special Adviser to governor Seyi Makinde on Labour Affairs has debunked the rumour that the state government has sacked some workers in the state during the Eid Mubarak festival .

Sodo in a statement obtained by Adulawonews on Wednesday also gave the result of the staff verification exercise carried out by the state.

There has been rumour in the state that the Seyi Makinde-led government has sacked some members of staff of the state government.

One of the rumour spotted by Adulawonews described the sacking as “Ileya package”.

Sodo advised that people should make attempt to understand situation in order to make informed contributions that can help the state.
The statement read:

Good morning esteemed forum members. Trust.we all are enjoying our Islamic holidays. The mood made me miss a certain engagement on retired workers in Oyo State.

Staff verification was carried a while ago and a number of staff were discovered to have infringed on extant regulations of the public service, including remaining in service beyond 60 years.of age and 35 years of service, and some with.physical impairments rendering them incapable.of discharging the job for which they were.employed.

For instance, a blind person was working as a security man, a cripple was also a night guard. A good number claimed to guard their duty posts with super natural powers. Some abandoned their duty posts and absconded while they continued to draw salaries, the process having been automated in some cases.

The general term for such infringements is misconduct or gross misconduct which penalty includes dismissal. The verification was carried over a long period of time to allow all existing workers and pensioners to be captured.

At the end, 41 persons were found to be ghost workers who never appeared for verification. 314 had one infringement or another. Seyi Makinde in his usual kind manner insisted no one should be dismissed and rendered incapable of feeding themselves and their families.

As many as 290 wrote for voluntary retirement.and their retirement is already being processed.meaning they will get their gratuity and also be placed on appropriate pensions.The remaining.24 who failed to take advantage of the window of magnanimity to voluntarily retire have been compulsorily retired to enjoy same benefits when they choose to process their papers Compulsory.retirement is of course a dent on one’s integrity.

No worker has been SACKED! Similar exercise in the recent past led to workers simply having their names callously removed from the payroll without any opportunity to defend themselves. It is advised we make attempt to understand a situation in order to make informed contributions that can help our dear state.

Thank you.

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