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The Caretaker Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State of Osun, Alhaji Rasaq Salinsile has explained why some chieftains and stakeholders of the party are insisting on conducting election for the congress of the party which is expected to start on Saturday, July 31.

According to Salinsile, the party could not go for consensus because there is no mutual agreement between the stakeholders to adopt such mode for the congress.

Salinsile, in an interview with OSUN DEFENDER on Wednesday, explained that consensus could only be possible where there is agreement between stakeholders of the party, maintaining that the current situation in the Osun APC does not accommodate consensus.

According to him, “The constitution of the party states that there are three ways through which you can elect candidates: The first one is Consensus, the second is Direct primary and the third one is Indirect primary –delegate system.

“By my understanding, consensus means agreement. If that is correct, stakeholders have to be invited and discuss over it and take a common position. But in this instance, in spite of the fact that I am the State Secretary of Osun APC, nobody ever informed me or discuss with me on anything consensus.

“I was telling the Chairman of the party, Prince Gboyega Famodun when we were discussing on Tuesday that this is not how to go about it and they have gone wrongly over this issue. If we are going for consensus, we have a list of stakeholders of APC in Osun, they should have called those stakeholders to sit down and deliberate on whatever we want to do.

“Each of us would be committed, make suggestions and at the end of the day, we will come with a way out. However, in this instance, they just selected Ileri Oluwa members and assign them with the duty of going about and canvassing for consensus congress.

“In each Federal Constituency, they selected some people who are substantially members of the Governor group, Ileri Oluwa, to the extent that myself as the State Secretary of the party was not carried along and anybody that is not a member of IleriOluwa was not consulted or invited. Where is the consensus here? I told him it can never fly.

“If consensus means agreement, there is no agreement between us. Anytime from now, we are expecting the Congress Committee”.

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