Prepare To Take Over Your Territories – Rev Joshua Ibukunoluwa

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Jide Afolabi, Lagos

The Coordinator, Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Conference, NBCYC, has urged youths to be ready to take over their territories.

He made this admonition while delivering the theme interpretation on “Taking Over Territories” at the opening session of the 49th National Conference of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Conference today, Tuesday.

He said that the Biblical creation account reveals God as a perfect planner stressing that the six days of creation show God as purposeful as found in Genesis chapter one verse twenty six.

He described a territory as an area which belong to a person, organization, institute, animal, nation or state and territorial on the hand as the attempt to affect, influence, or control actions, interaction, or access by asserting and attempting to enforce control over a specific geographic area.

He noted that the theme suggests that the territories are no longer in the hands of man, and man now need to take it from him (the devil) whom man unknowingly and ignorantly handed over the territories to.

“It is definitely not going to be easy for man but absolutely possible in Christ, for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil (1John 3:8).”

He gave Biblical strategies for taking over territories to include; divine voice (John 10:25-28); personal obedience (Acts 26:16-18); personal awakening (Galatians 4:1-2, Isaiah 60:1-3) and divine order (Act 22: 21). Others are, divine allocation (Ephesians 4:7, Daniel 6:1-3); divine authority (Ephesians 6;12); and operate by the words (Joshua 1:8, Psalms 119:1-5 Matthew 4:1-11).

“Have you left out any of your divinely given Territories to the devil? It is now time to take over your possessions. We are also here like Nehemiah to stand in the gap for all the broken walls in Nigeria. Nigeria must take over her Territories to enjoy all the resources the Lord kept in store for her. So, arise, take your authority as we go through the power of the words of God to take over the land for Jesus.” Ibukunoluwa concluded.

Earlier, the Director, Youth and Students’ Ministry, Rev Dr SAK Olaleye encouraged youths to think of the territories available in their different constituencies that the Lord may be calling their attention to take over and brace up in the power of the Lord to launch into action.

Also, the President, Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Conference, NBCYC, Pastor Onajite Enunuaye in his address noted that the taking over territories is a wake up call to all Baptist Youths in Nigeria and the world over to understand that no longer should youths fold their arms and allow wickedness drive them away from the land God has given them to possess. He challenged every youth to rise and take over what rightly belong to them.

He said, “The religious, economic, and political space has been been occupied by those who do not belong to the fold, those who pride themselves about God, those who enjoy meting out suffering with reckless abandon, those whose interest is their stomach, the ugly ones who have refused to die.”

Other highlights from the opening session included prayer session, drama ministration/cultural display, music ministration and Conference orientation among other.

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