OSUNDECIDES: Armed Political Thugs Chase PDP Members Away From Polling Unit In Ife


Jul 16, 2022

Some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have claimed that they were not allowed to vote at polling unit 014, Okerewe Ward 3, Ife East, local government of the State of Osun.

According to the PDP members, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) known as Orji led some thugs with cutlasses to the unit.

They claimed that a voter who voted for PDP was beaten.

One of the PDP members, Samson Oladosu, said: “We were not allowed to vote at our polling unit 014, ward 3, Ife East local government. A leader of the APC known as orji, led some thugs and threatened to attack us. They chased us away. One of the people that voted for PDP was beaten.”

Asked about the security personnel at the unit, Oladosu said: “We only have two policemen there. They could not do anything. We are scared of going back to the polling unit.”
But a member of the APC at the unit denied the allegation, saying nobody attacked the PDP members

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