LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Erratic Power Supply In Ikire

ByEditor 2

Aug 2, 2022

Dear Editor,

I wish to express the serious problem of electricity, our locality is facing for the past few weeks through the space of your esteemed medium.

Our locality has faced frequent erratic power supply for the past three weeks, electricity is of utmost importance nowadays, more especially for students because of the needs to read, charge our gadgets to source for materials online and get information regularly.

However, with the frequent power cuts, students’ studies are being interrupted, as many of us are going through a lot with online learning and the epileptic nature of electricity is the main reason we are having the problem.

We have collectively complained at the IBEDC office, but, there is no positive response nor changes. Sometimes, we spend our days and evenings without electricity for more than three to four days but recently, we spend our days with no power at all.

Currently, there has not been power supply for over three weeks. All residents and students are affected by the situation and all we want now is steady electricity.

I sincerely hope this will reach the right authorities and they will take proper action immediately to resolve our issue.

  •  Oladewa Shittu writes from Sunmoye, Ikire
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