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2023: Tinubu And His Walk To Glory


Feb 21, 2023 #2023, #APC, #Tinubu

Ibraheem Alli

Last week, for this year (2023), I had the first taste of mango 🥭. I had to hunt for the mango. I did not only because of the starvation inflicted on innocent Nigerians but also because it’s not the full season for mango. A local hungry Nigerians will always patronize the bush to have a taste of fresh fruits just like I did.

My interest is on the mango tree that fed me. In the rows of mango trees in the farm, only has much fruits. As I was about leaving, three other hungry Nigerians surfaced, throwing stones vigorously to pluck mangoes from the same tree. I took my leave and left them.

As I left, passing other mango trees “Why did we not pluck from other mango trees” I queried

The scene reminded me of my principal, the much talk about Oluwo of Iwoland. And as he always says, people only throw stones to a fruitful tree. Such is the image and character of the All Progressives Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The stones he has gathered are pavements to Asorock villa. The less he responds to the stones, the more his fruits (peace).

The character and disposition of Asiwaju Tinubu to criticism should prepare all future leaders ahead. When you built people, you are always point of not only attraction but also attacks. The attacks are strengths for a purposeful leaders. You walk better and smarter should you care less about stones. That moves you closer to the promised land as demonstrated by Tinubu.

His stooges and friends mingled with his enemies during his party primary, he outsmarted them. They have garnered policies to decimate his popularity,influence and political strength, the man keeps showering higher and better. He is no doubt a political professor whose strategies have won him the masses. He has paid registered himself for donkey years.

By next Saturday, the road will be cleared as the political wizard is few steps closer to Asorock, the seat of power. Vote for a man of marks, credits, honour and merits, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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