I’ve Dumped APC Out Of Frustration – Man Who Celebrated Buhari’s Victory In Gutter Reveals


Mar 23, 2023 #APC, #Buhari, #Gutter

Aliyu Mohammed Sani, a middle-aged man who bathed and drank from the gutter, has cut ties with both President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Party after almost escaping death in 2019 due to what he characterized as ignorance and blind love for the President at the time (APC).

Recall that Aliyu almost lost his life after drinking the contaminated gutter water but for the quick intervention of spirited individuals who came to his rescue by footing his medical expenses.

It is now four years down the line and the middle-aged man who is a tailor has vilified his relationship with the President and the APC for good saying, “All I got after risking my life for the President and the APC was frustration.”

He told his pathetic story to Journalists at the Correspondents Chapel of the Bauchi NUJ that he decided to dump the APC and President Buhari in order to be able to move on with him after he has been frustrated on all fronts.

Aliyu Sani who used to be popularly known as ‘Ali Gayu Na Baba Buhari’ while addressing a press conference on Wednesday said that he has withdrawn his loyalty from the All Progressives Congress (APC) forthwith and has changed his alias now to ‘Ali na Baba Kauran Bauchi’.

He narrated that, “My name is Aliyu Mohammed Sani, popularly known as Ali Gayu Na Baba Buhari, but that was in the past. Things have changed now.”

According to him, “I am the person that almost everybody is aware that when President Muhammadu Buhari won the 2019 reelection, I took a bath and drank from the gutter in celebration of his re-election victory.”

He said that as a result of the incident, many people came to see him and sympathized with him, among whom he said were Alhaji Musa Azare who took flight to Bauchi to see how he was faring after drinking from the gutter.

Aliyu Mohammed regretted that, of all the APC members who were aware of what he did, no one cared about him apart from Alhaji Musa Azare who is of the PDP, adding that since then, he became Musa Azare’s loyalist.

“He was happy to have come and meet me in good condition because there were speculations that I had died as a result of drinking from the gutter, but after confirming that I am fine, he even gave me a token”, he said.

He also said that he was at the Correspondents’ Chapel Secretariat to announce that he has shifted his loyalty to Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi and Alhaji Musa Azare.

“The reason why I dumped the APC is, despite the widespread reports of my action then in the media, they didn’t care about me”, he said.

Aliyu Mohammed Sani said, since the incident occurred, he has continued to practice his work as a tailor, sewing shirts, especially those that have to do with political activities, adding that there are not less than 20 youths working under him.

“They are learning work from me, I have trained many youths, all of them are under my care. I told the APC that my major concern is not to get money from them but to empower me through my skill”, Aliyu said.

According to him, “I was not an idle person when I did that, just empower me on what I am doing, I am not expecting money from you, I just need to be motivated. I was in APC because of the love I have for the party”, he pointed out.

He said many APC bigwigs he contacted kept on making empty promises while others claimed they cannot assist him because he keeps mentioning the contribution of Musa Azare to him who is not a member of the APC.

According to him, “One of the Presidential Aides from Bauchi state promised to do something for me but up to now that I am talking to you, I have not heard from him, in fact he stopped picking my calls. I am leaving him to God.”

While thanking Musa Azare for always assisting in many ways, Aliyu Mohammed Sani said that the attitude of Musa Azare is what motivated him to dump the APC for Governor Bala Mohammed and the PDP.

“That is why I am here to categorically state that from today, anybody who call me or addresses me as Ali Gayu Na Baba Buhari will be suit to court.

“Now I have become Ali Gayu Na Baba Kauran Bauchi and Musa Ahmed Azare, the Jagaban of Jagaban Katagum. I congratulate the Governor on his re-election victory”, he said.

He stressed that he regretted his actions then because he would have lost his life at no cost to anybody urging youths not to indulge in such things because it is not worth doing for anybody not to talk of politicians.

Aliyu Mohammed Sani said that, “I did in ignorance then, nothing will make me do such now. I will never advice anyone to engage in such, I was very lucky to have survived it, someone else may not be that lucky, so, please, don’t do it.”


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