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Extraction 2: Ikorodu Bois Earn Rewards From Netflix For Incredible Trailer Remake


Jun 26, 2023

The Ikorodu Bois, renowned content creators, have been generously rewarded by global streaming giant Netflix for their exceptional recreation of the ‘Extraction 2′ trailer.

The talented youngsters, well-known for their captivating film remakes, took to Instagram to share their excitement, showcasing the special gift boxes they received from Netflix.

A video posted on their Instagram page captured the young stars eagerly unboxing the bespoke black boxes, revealing an array of surprises. The gift boxes contained school bags, shades, vests, throw pillows, and other items, all carefully curated for the Ikorodu Bois.

Expressing their gratitude, the Ikorodu Bois wrote in the caption, “Netflix, you guys are the sweetest. It’s the message in the card for us. We love you.” The gift box also included a personalized note from Netflix, expressing their awe at the boys’ talent and creativity. The note read, “Dear Ikorodu Bois, we are absolutely blown away by your talent and creativity. Your recreation of the ‘Extraction 2’ trailer clip was simply mind-blowing, and we couldn’t resist putting together these special gift boxes for you.”

The note continued, “Thank you for bringing us joy with your amazing videos. You truly are a shining example of what can be achieved with determination and a whole lot of talent. Love from Netflix.”

This exciting development follows a tweet from Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, the star of the movie ‘Extraction 2.’ Hemsworth praised the internet sensations for their remake of the movie’s trailer. In his tweet, he shared the parody version of the movie and playfully teased the young skit makers about attempting to steal their jobs.

“This is incredible. Looks like the @IkoroduB are trying to take our jobs from #Extraction2. Great work!!” Hemsworth wrote.

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