Coalition of Public Interest Lawyers Accuse Army Chief, Parker Of Nepotism, Tribalism

An advocacy organization, the Coalition of Public Interest Lawyers and Advocates (COPA), has accused Major General Parker, the Chief of Defense Intelligence (CDI), of abuse of federal character principles, nepotism, and pervasive tribalism.

This was contained in a petition letter signed by the national coordinator of the organization, Pelumi Olajengbesi, and forwarded to the Honorable Minister of State for Defense, Bello Matawalle.

COPA is a dedicated advocacy organization committed to upholding social justice, equity, and good governance in Nigeria.

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The organization, via the petition letter, argued that Major General Parker demonstrated favoritism towards his kinsmen by appointing Navy Captain S. K. Ogogo (NN/2122) as the Director of Finance and Accounting at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

While condemning the abuse of office and federal character principles exhibited by Major General Parker, the group declared that the appointment of S.K. Ogogo starkly undermines principles of fairness and equity, especially when there are numerous qualified individuals suitable for the role.

The organization further argued that the appointment of the DFA from the same local government area as the CDI raises alarming concerns about the blatant disregard for federal character principles.

The organization, while expressing concerns over the development, stated that it is imperative that all government agencies operate with the utmost integrity and transparency in order not to undermine the efforts of the Tinubu-led administration and erode public trust.

The organization also called on the Honorable Minister of State for Defense, Bello Matawalle, to swiftly investigate this matter and take decisive action to rectify the situation.

‘Appointments within the DIA must be based on merit, competence, and strict adherence to federal character principles rather than personal or tribal affiliations. Failure to address these issues not only compromises the integrity and effectiveness of the DIA but also undermines the credibility of the Nigerian military and government institutions as a whole’, the organization added.

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