Abandoned Bodies: UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital Urges Families To Claim Loved Ones


May 4, 2024

—Issues 14-day Ultimatum For Mass Burial

The management of UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital in Òṣogbo has issued a public notice regarding numerous deposited bodies abandoned at the mortuary section of the hospital.

ADULAWO NEWS reports that the bodies, which have been in the mortuary between January 2019 and June 2023, belong to individuals who have not been claimed by their families or relatives.
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According to the hospital’s management, a total of 25 bodies are currently unclaimed, including 15 males and 10 females. The bodies are believed to be those of individuals who died under various circumstances, including accidents, illnesses, and natural causes.

In a statement released by the hospital management, concerned families and relatives are urged to visit the hospital as soon as possible to identify and claim the bodies of their loved ones.
The hospital has set a deadline of fourteen days from the date of the announcement, after which a mass burial will be conducted for the abandoned bodies.

The hospital’s management is appealing to the public to help spread the word and locate the families and relatives of the deceased individuals. This is to ensure that the bodies are given a dignified burial and to avoid the mass burial option.

The statement reads, “Families and relatives who have lost loved ones during the specified period are advised to visit the hospital’s mortuary section to identify and claim the bodies. The hospital’s management is committed to providing support and assistance during this difficult time.
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“To facilitate the identification and claiming of the bodies, the hospital has provided the following information:

– Names of the deceased individuals (where available)
– Age, gender, and other identifying characteristics
– Date of death and admission to the mortuary
– Any other relevant information that may assist in identifying the bodies

“The public is encouraged to share this information with others to help reach the affected families and relatives. Let’s work together to ensure that the deceased individuals are given the respect and dignity they deserve.
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“For further information and inquiries, please contact the hospital’s mortuary section or administration department.”

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