BREAKING: Benue Assembly Ends Life Pension Law For Ex-Govs, Deputies


May 27, 2024

The Benue State House of Assembly has repealed a controversial law that provided lifetime maintenance for former elected governors and their deputies.

The repeal occurred during a plenary session on Monday, overturning legislation enacted by the 9th Assembly in May 2023, just days before their tenure ended.

The law, which had extended substantial benefits to former state leaders dating back to 1999, was met with widespread criticism from the public and was perceived as self-serving.

The 10th Assembly, reflecting on the sentiments of their constituents, described the original pension bill as “anti-people” and acted swiftly to address these concerns.

During the session, members of the Assembly voiced unanimous support for the repeal, emphasizing the need to align legislative actions with the public interest and ethical governance.

Speaker Aondona Dajoh presided over the proceedings and formally announced the repeal of the “Bill for a law to repeal provision for the maintenance of former elected governors of the state and their deputies and for other matters connected thereto 2024.”

The repealed bill had previously stipulated that former governors and their deputies would receive a monthly stipend equivalent to the current salaries of the serving governor, funded by the state’s consolidated revenue.

The Speaker said, “A monthly stipend equivalent to the Basic salary of a serving/incumbent Governor in the State for life and which shall be a charge on the Consolidated Revenue Funds of the State.

“The Deputy Governor shall enjoy a monthly stipend equivalent to the Basic salary of an incumbent Deputy Governor for life and shall be charge on the Consolidated Revenue Funds of the State.

“A maintenance allowance of N25,000,000.00 (Twentyfive Million Naira) for the former Governor and the Deputy Governor N15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Naira) every four (4) years.

“It also offers the procurement of two official SUVs of the status of the former governor and one official car for the deputy governor while the state government is mandated to avail a former governor with six personal staff, one personal assistant, two drivers, two cleaners and one cook.

“A former deputy governor, according to the law, will enjoy three personal staff, one personal assistant, one driver and one cleaner. There will also be provision of security, yearly medical expenses, replacement of vehicles every four years with new ones of same quality and status.”

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