We’re Finding It Difficult To Cope With Feeding’ – Immigration Officers On Foreign Missions Cry Out


May 27, 2024

Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) officers currently on foreign missions have expressed frustration and hardship due to unpaid allowances since December last year.

Despite their crucial role in facilitating visa applications, passport renewals, and investment facilitation, they have been facing severe financial challenges.

According to the officers, who spoke anonymously, the non-payment of allowances has made it difficult for them to cope with basic necessities like feeding, education, and housing for themselves and their families.

They highlighted that rent payments abroad are typically monthly, unlike in Nigeria where it’s yearly, and can range from $2,000 to higher amounts. One officer noted that they are struggling to pay their rent, which is usually due monthly, and are facing challenges in providing for their families’ needs.

The officers also criticized the NIS’s decision to prioritize payment for only two missions, leaving others without support.
They emphasized that this situation not only erodes their financial strength but also risks embarrassing Nigeria internationally. Another officer lamented that the lack of allowances has exposed them to hardships and embarrassment abroad, which could have been avoided if their allowances were paid promptly.

The officers appealed for urgent intervention, stressing the importance of their work in facilitating the government’s ease of doing business agenda and supporting Nigerians in diaspora. They facilitate visa applications for individuals seeking to enter Nigeria for various purposes, including business, education, and tourism. They also assist Nigerians abroad with passport renewals and other consular services.
The officers urged the NIS to address the unpaid allowances and ensure consistent support for their foreign missions to avoid further hardship and embarrassment.

The situation has also affected their ability to perform their duties effectively, as they are distracted by the financial challenges they face. The officers are seeking prompt payment of their allowances to enable them to focus on their work and serve Nigeria’s interests abroad without additional stress and hardship.

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